Our Beers


We brew modern hop focused beers. We love the punchy aromatic side of hops like Simcoe, Centennial, Cascade, Mosaic amongst many others. Our core range is usually available all year with a seasonal range. Our beers are unfiltered and suitable for vegans.


Session ipa, 3.9%

‘Lady Moe’: Donkey Mascot of the 96th Bombardment Group during WWII. She was found in an Algerian slum by a B-17 crew. She accompanied the crew back to England, bombing Bordeaux en route, making ’Lady Moe’ the only donkey ever to fly on a combat mission. She adapted well to her new home at Snetterton Heath.

All the characteristics of an IPA with plenty of Ekuanot hops - but with a low ABV. An up and coming hop with an indescribably unique berry and fresh pepper character.

Pale ALE, 5%

Brewed to celebrate the heroic carrier pigeon, ‘G.I. Joe’, who saved the lives of a thousand soldiers. Radio equipment was down and the only means of communication fell to ‘G.I. Joe’. He flew 20 miles in 20 minutes and later received the Dickin medal for his bravery.

Light coloured and hoppy, Cascade forms the backbone of flavours, adding its characteristic citrus notes, while a touch of Chinook gives a little spice to the finish.



IPA, 6.4%

Brewed to celebrate the exploits of Wild Bill Crump and his Coyote, ‘Jeep’. Wild Bill Crump adopted a coyote pup during flight training in Nebraska. When Crump was sent to England in 1944, he smuggled his pet, named ‘Jeep’, aboard the Queen Elizabeth in an empty gas mask case. ‘Jeep’ flew several missions with his master during WWII.

A copper coloured IPA bursting with a combination of citrus and pine resin flavours created from generous amounts of Centennial and Chinook hops.

DIPA keg badge cutout.png

Double IPA, 8.5%

‘Bing’ (1942 - 55): The dog who received the Dickin medal for his bravery during WWII. An Alsatian and Collie cross, ‘Bing’ first saw action parachuting with the 13th Parachute Battalion, over Normandy on D-Day, 6th June 1944. ‘Bing’ was trained to locate the enemy and protect military personnel, and served in France until September 1944.

It’s all about Mosaic hops - named in honour of the artistic assortment of complex aromas and flavours. And double helpings too, balanced with a light and dry finish.

BIPA keg badge cut out.png

Black IPA, 6.7%

Brewed to celebrate the exploiuts of ‘Roscoe’, the mascot of the 390th. The bear was donated by the residents of Montana to 390th Squadron. He became their mascot, was named ’Roscoe’, and came with them to Parham, Suffolk. When he wasn’t involved on missions, he would often stroll into Parham village to the astonishment of the parishioners.

Dark and hoppy, with a deceivingly dry and light style. Centennial and Cascade, with a touch of Ekuanot to add complexity to the flavour.


New England, 5.5%

Black cat ‘Smokey Joe’ was Lieutenant Senior’s loyal companion during WWII with the 94th Bomb Group, based at USAF Rougham, Suffolk. Lt. Senior, with ‘Smokey Joe’ tucked into his jacket, discussed urgently needed bomber repairs with Captain John Bostick.

Lots of oats and wheat create this super-hazy beer. Liberally hopped after the boil with Citra, Cascade and Chinook, making it explode with aroma and only a touch of bitterness.

Our Seasonal Beer


Orange Wheat Beer, 4.8%

All the freshness of summer, this wheat beer is made with real oranges and Cascade hops to give an orange-citrus bite to the smoothness of the wheat beer. Spice notes and refreshingly fruity, it’s simply gluggable in the summer heat.